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We photograph the discerning bride and groom, who know what they like and want.  They appreciate our vision and our ability to think outside of the box.  We strive to be at the cutting edge of the market by offering the very best to our clients... The Very best in our approach, technique, creativity, client care and in our finished product.

We love seeing people in love, and we love capturing just that!  
Whether it's a smile, a kiss or an embrace... what better way to capture two people coming together than in marriage?  That fleeting moment of life that will be consigned to memory forever... But have you ever wondered how those special memories are created?  Sometimes they are triggered by a smell or a sound, or maybe a special song, but almost all of the time these memories are visual.

But what makes our memories so real and so special?
We believe it's the natural moments that create these memories and that they embody the spirit of the event, this is why we document events and ceremonies as they happen, capturing these natural moments as visual memories.  This is achieved with a discreet approach by blending in with the guests where possible, using unique and unsuspecting angles and timing to catch natural expressions and emotions without having to stage the shot.

How about those classy posed images though?
We will use our much celebrated and unique creativity, vision and experience to create spectacular and fashion inspired portrait images as you can see in The FANTASY section of The IMAGES above.

All of this requires preparation however, and we feel it is imperative to assist in the planning and smooth running of your event by meeting in person and fine-tuning the details before the event.  On the day, we will 'go with the flow' without taking control ensuring that those visual memories remain completely natural ones.  

Our experience, expertise, creativity and professionalism has been endorsed by our membership, qualifications and awards by various prestigious organisations such as the WPPI, SWPP, Exclusive members of 'The Best of Wedding Photography' and Junebugs Weddings.

It would be our honour to capture your big day, but please read on to learn more about the people behind EYE JOGIA but you are always welcome to get in touch and arrange a private consultation to discuss the vision of your big day.