The Raves

There's nothing like an honest 'word of mouth' recommendation so here are just a few of the genuine rave reviews, words of thanks and appreciation we've had from our amazing couples over the years



Neeta & Leon

'We first met Roshni and Sanjay while attending a friends wedding in Lake Como and even though we weren't engaged at the time,  when we decided to get married for usEye Jogia Photography was the only option!

At our first meeting (before we had officially booked Eye Jogia) we sat and talked for an hour about everything except photography! It was a great way for them to get to know us a little and us them - a theme that continued throughout the whole of our wedding process. We never felt rushed, they always took their time with each meeting spending hours in planning and even helping with our wedding itinerary, and offering advice on suppliers.

When we started looking at some images we were blown away by how stunning so many of their shots were. Each photo captured the perfect amount of detail and emotion to leave you thinking only one thing "I want my wedding photos to look just like that!" While each photo and album is easily identifiable as being shot by Eye Jogia, each one is unique to the couple. There are no recycled themes or poses, each project is tailor made, with countless hours poured into it.

This was shown perfectly with our pre-wedding shoot. We wanted something modern and chose to do our pictures in the City. Where other photographers might have only given us a couple of hours, Eye Jogia gave us the whole day - this was only a good thing, every shot was thought out with precision and scrutinised to perfection. The outcome was so much better then we could have imagined, and set us up perfectly for the wedding.

On the day the Eye Jogia team were completely unobtrusive, and moved around without stopping the ceremony or getting in the way. They came prepared for every eventuality, even the torrential rain we had on the day (we got married on July 24th!). However from this we managed to get some beautiful shots in the rain.

Fast forward to us receiving our album, the moment we had been waiting for! And we weren't disappointed in the slightest, it was more then we could have asked for, there is nothing at all about it we would change. Each event told it's own story, giving us lasting memories of our wedding forever.

We would definitely recommend Eye Jogia to ANYONE for ANY event, in fact they are doing my brothers wedding this year!


Neeta and Leon xXx'

Devi & Rushi

We have been following (and admiring) Eye Jogia's work for years and when it came to booking a photographer for our own wedding, we did not want to compromise on the one tangible memory we would cherish forever. 

From day 1, getting in touch with Roshni till this day, it has been a pleasure to work, share and get to know Sanjay and Roshni.  They invested a lot of their time with us during the wedding planning year and even provided guidance on the itineraries to ensure each event would run as smoothly as possible ...and it did!! 

Come the day of our first event, they had gotten to know us both very well so we felt comfortable around them and had every bit of trust and faith in them.  At the same time, they got to know our families and close friends too.  To be honest, we had no doubt in the way our images were going to turn out - they were exactly what we were expecting AND more.  Portraits, group shots and natural photos were captured to perfectly and our wedding album is proof of this. 

We are still every bit as excited to take our wedding album out as we were when we first received it!

Aarti & Mandeep

After getting engaged in May 2014, the first thing I did after booking my venue was look for a photographer. Being the first to get married of all my friends, I didn't have any recommendations for suppliers, so looked through various Asian bridal magazines to get an idea of who I liked.

Having seen (and loved!) the images I saw of a 'real bride's' wedding taken by Eye Jogia, I contacted Roshni, and we hit it off straight away.

When my husband and I went to meet Sanjay and Roshni we had an instant connection. They were warm and friendly, yet completely professional - striking the perfect balance. They made us feel so comfortable, and, goes without saying, the photos were gorgeous. It was a no-brainer. I cancelled my other photographer meetings, and put down the deposit for our Sikh wedding, Hindu wedding and Reception. 

Throughout the wedding planning process both Roshni and Sanjay were amazing. They helped us with planning the day and timings, and were also on hand to answer any non-photography related questions we had. A few months before the wedding my husband and I did a pre-wedding photo shoot in London with Sanjay, the main purpose of which was to help us get used to the camera. My normally camera-shy husband had transformed by the end and was so comfortable in front of the camera- something which I never thought would happen!! And that's all thanks to Sanjay. That certainly saved us some awkward photos on the wedding day!

On the day itself, Sanjay, Roshni and the team were all on hand to capture every detail- even the small ones that as bride and groom we would have otherwise missed. Both our families fell in love with the team- as did so many of our guests who asked who our photographers were.

Our album was gorgeous and the process of choosing pictures and finalising the album was so easy and relaxed- just what we needed after the post-wedding wind down! We couldn't have been happier with our photos, and Sanjay's unique eye for detail meant he took both beautiful artistic shots, and photos which told our story. The online gallery was also a huge success with our guests, and is something I have not seen at any wedding I've been to since.

From start to finish Sanjay and Roshni were professional, friendly and genuinely nice people. They were truly invested in us and our wedding, and it never felt like they were just there taking photos. I knew I could trust them to deliver on the biggest day of my life- and they did not disappoint. What was also so nice to see was how well they worked together as a team - a real power couple. What better way to start married life than to be around a truly happy couple.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Eye Jogia to brides and grooms getting married. Having gone through the wedding process, I truly believe that no matter how amazing your venue and decor is, if you don't have photographers who can capture the key moments, it means very little.

Photographs last forever, which is why it is so important to make the right choice. We are so glad we did.