We photograph the discerning bride and groom who know what they like and want.  They appreciate our vision and our ability to think outside of the box.  We strive to be at the cutting edge by offering the the very best in our approach, technique, creativity, client care and in our finished product.

We Are Roshni & SanjayJogia

We Are Roshni & SanjayJogia


I am Roshni Jogia


The Heart...

Sanjay uses three phrases to describe me: 'his soul mate, his motivation and his inspiration'.

But what would I say about myself?  

Well, I love fine dining, pink champagne, and dark chocolate!  But nothing beats spending quality time with Sanjay, be it shooting weddings or chilling out.  I love music and the sound of waves, I'm a movie nut and find a tonne of inspiration from films when we're shooting weddings.  

But more than this, I like to make things happen!  The words "No, Can't or impossible"  do not exist in my vocabulary  (I'm sure you'll see this when you meet me).

I started my professional life in banking and finance; however my innate creative side began to outgrow this through my love for photography, which I inherited from my father, and was invigorated by Sanjay's unflappable passion.  

I love meeting people and there's nothing better than meeting two people who are 'crazy in-love' and helping them to realise their dream of becoming one.  It's a huge honour and privilege to be asked to be a vital part of someone's big day and to be trusted with their memories.

Throughout the process from consultation, to shoot and delivery, I am the first point of contact for our couples and I'll look after you right up until we deliver your priceless albums... after all everyone loves the female touch!  But on a serious note, we like to think that you can really count on our experience and know-how to prepare you for the big day and after.  This is partially down to the fact that I am always networking, and have great relationships with some of the best service providers in the industry.  

So what's the result of all of this?

Amazing photography for a start... A smooth 'Eye Jogia Experience' and a great new friendship!

I look forward to meeting you soon!






The Soul...

I love creativity, I love art, I love music, I love cars, I love Architecture, I love my wife Roshni and I absolutely love Photography!

Photography was a huge part of my upbringing and creative evolution from the tender age of eight when I 'borrowed' my dad's Canon AE-1 SLR camera along with the instruction book and I read it from cover to cover.  

I took this new-found fascination in 'all things photography' and began to experiment with my creativity to discover the limits of the camera. 

 I learned how this little box of tricks worked inside and out, so that I could understand how to make it work for me to create beautiful images the way I wanted them.  


You could say this is when Eye Jogia Photography was born.


I also realised another passion of mine when I qualified as an Architect.  To me this confirmed an innate ability and passion for aesthetics and an uncommon capacity for observation, anticipation and pre-visualisation of moments whilst events unfold in front of me.  

My architectural ability and experience allows me to see things differently with the instinct to create balanced images so that it looks 'just right'.

Photography lets me bring all of these passions together in one art form, but as a bonus I get to meet amazing new people all the time.  Not just new clients but new friends!



I hope you've enjoyed your stay so far!





Your Questions Answered


How do I reserve my wedding date?

Please contact us to check availability for your dates and we can arrange a consultation at our studio in harrow, North West London where we can showcase our luxurious albums and discuss your plans.

A non-refundable booking fee will be required to reserve your dates which we can take by credit or debit card on the day.  Once the fee has been cleared, that day is yours and no other bookings will be taken for those dates and the balance of the payment will be due two weeks before the first of your events.

Please remember - we operate on a 'first come - first served' basis.


Will you travel to our wedding?

We travel both nationally in the UK and internationally for weddings.  We have been commissioned for weddings all over the world, from Sydney Australia, to Jaipur India and Lake Garda Italy, to Miami, Florida and many more.  Special arrangements and costs can be discussed and agreed for specific travel requirements away from London or for international assignments.


What are your fees and are they flexible?

We have several packages starting from £2,495 but please contact us for more detailed information about this.

Each collection has some flexibility to allow us to customise it to suit your needs, for example certain items can be swapped for others to give you the freedom to receive the coverage and finished products that you want.


Will you stay if we decide we need you longer than the contracted time?

Once you have booked us, we are yours for the entire day. 

The hourly rate and terms will be outlined in your contract, and will be invoiced after the wedding.  


Who will shoot our wedding?

Sanjay is the main photographer.  We also have a team of associate photographers that we can call on to build a larger team if needed.   


What makes you stand out from other photographers?

We like to stay a step ahead of the game.  We are always trying to innovate by trying newer techniques, newer equipment, better methods of processing, and we provide our couples with the finest luxury products that are the record of your love, the start of your family and become priceless family heirlooms. 

We limit the number of weddings we commit to in a year, this way we always maintain the highest quality and consistently provide that personal touch. 

As husband and wife, we have experienced what it takes to organise a wedding and can relate with your many challenges.

However, we also like to have fun and we do our best to keep you relaxed so you can enjoy yourself on your wedding day.


What if Sanjay is unwell or unable to attend on the day?

In the highly unlikely event that Sanjay cannot attend the wedding, we have a large network of associate photographers that we can call on to step in, subject to your approval of course.


What cameras do eye jogia use?

We keep a minimum of 4 cameras with us on a shoot and use number of Canon EOS 1D-X Mark 1 & Mark 2 cameras with an assortment of 15 canon l-series professional lenses.

We are also lighting connoisseurs so we have no shortage of high quality continuous lighting and flash equipment for the most challenging of environments.


How do you describe your style of wedding photography? 

Our approach is what we call fantasy & reality 

'The Fantasy' is what we call our creative, stylised fashion inspired portraits

'The Reality' is our natural non-intrusive photo-journalistic approach to the majority of the day where we will document what we see without influencing the outcome of the images so that you have a genuine untainted record of all the raw emotion and energy of all of your events.

Of course we will also setup beautifully crafted family portraits with perfect lighting at an appropriate time during the day too.

In essence we give you the best of all the approaches without any compromises.


Do you require a long list of photos that I want?

The only images we need you to specify are the family shots.


Is Eye Jogia Photography insured?

We have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance, details can be provided at the appropriate time.


Shall we provide you with meals on the day?  

Most clients provide us with meals when everyone else is eating.  Some couples prefer to sit us in the same room as all the guests so that we are present and can take pictures in case anything happens.  We eat very quickly so that we will not miss anything important!


How long after the wedding until we can view our images and how?

You will be invited to our studio to view the images in their full glory within 8 weeks of your final event and your friends & family can see them online thereafter on a personalised private website.


Do you retouch the pictures?

Every image gets scrutinised for colour and exposure by Sanjay personally and nothing is outsourced. 

All images in your album are retouched by Sanjay, however retouching to any additional images can be carried out upon request and may incur an additional fee


Could you provide any high-resolution image?

Yes we can.  Details of these can be discussed upon application.


How many photos are in the album?

As many as it takes to tell your wedding story! We are passionate about delivering a beautifully designed luxurious product so some sides may have ten images and some may have just one.  It all depends on the design.  As an average most couples go for around 90-130 images in an album.


What albums do we use?

We have relationships with a number of the finest album makers and print labs worldwide that produce bespoke luxury albums exclusive only to our Brides & Grooms; you can get a feel for some of these during a private consultation.


How does the album design process work?

After you have selected your favourite images, we will invite you for a separate private album consultation where you can confirm the design, materials, finish and all the fine details for your luxury album.  

We will then create an initial album layout that tells the story of your day.  We want it to be perfect so, after we have created the initial layout we will send it to you for approval or we can have a live design session over skype.  This is your opportunity to make some design changes.  One round of changes is usually all that is required and included in your collection.


Can you provide parent albums?

Yes, of course.  We can also design mini albums for friends & family.


How long will it take before we receive our album?

It generally takes up to 8 weeks from the time that you approve the layout.


What does a Prelude (Pre-Wedding) Shoot involve? 

A Prelude Shoot is included in some of our collections and can be included in the others at additional cost.   We recommend a Prelude Shoot because it gives us the chance to get to know each other and helps you to feel at ease in front of the camera. It's also good practice for the Bride & Groom Portrait session for the wedding day. 


What do we get from the Prelude Shoot?

After the shoot is complete, we will show you your images online and give you some great ideas of how you might showcase these at some or all of your events.  


What should we wear to a Prelude Shoot?

We want to produce luxurious, elegant and timeless images that you will be proud to show anyone anytime so we recommend wearing clothes that show you at your very best. 


When is the best time for a Prelude shoot? 

We prefer to do our pre-wedding shoots on a weekday as it's generally less busy in most locations.  We like to shoot in certain hours of the day where the light is best.  Once we have your session booked on the calendar, we turn away other business for that day and therefore we must charge a cancellation/change fee if you decide to cancel your shoot within a month of that date.   


Where does the Prelude Shoot take place? 

We can have the session at a location that has sentimental meaning to you whether it's in the UK or destination abroad.  In either case we will plan the shoot and discuss ideas with you to develop a concept that you are happy with. 


I love the idea of a Prelude Shoot, but I am already married.  Do you do a post-wedding shoot?

Yes absolutely.  Please contact us for more information.


We hope this has been helpful!











Your Investment

Within hours, your wedding day will be consigned to memory so it's vital to invest in your professional photographer with those memories in mind!  

We would love to learn more about you and your story so that we can design a customised luxury collection that fits your needs in our distinct style in story telling to help keep your memories unique and eternal.

Our collections begin from £2,495 for coverage with a USB of web optimised digital images or up to anything your heart desires with the most comprehensive and luxurious collection.

This is where necessity and luxury meet... can you really afford not to commit to the best possible option when those precious fleeting moments are at stake?  

We are but a phone call away so please feel free to get in touch, tell us about your story and your requirements for the big day!