We Are Roshni & SanjayJogia

We Are Roshni & SanjayJogia


I am Roshni Jogia


The Heart...

Sanjay uses three phrases to describe me: 'his soul mate, his motivation and his inspiration'.

But what would I say about myself?  

Well, I love fine dining, pink champagne, and dark chocolate!  But nothing beats spending quality time with Sanjay, be it shooting weddings or chilling out.  I love music and the sound of waves, I'm a movie nut and find a tonne of inspiration from films when we're shooting weddings.  

But more than this, I like to make things happen!  The words "No, Can't or impossible"  do not exist in my vocabulary  (I'm sure you'll see this when you meet me).

I started my professional life in banking and finance; however my innate creative side began to outgrow this through my love for photography, which I inherited from my father, and was invigorated by Sanjay's unflappable passion.  

I love meeting people and there's nothing better than meeting two people who are 'crazy in-love' and helping them to realise their dream of becoming one.  It's a huge honour and privilege to be asked to be a vital part of someone's big day and to be trusted with their memories.

Throughout the process from consultation, to shoot and delivery, I am the first point of contact for our couples and I'll look after you right up until we deliver your priceless albums... after all everyone loves the female touch!  But on a serious note, we like to think that you can really count on our experience and know-how to prepare you for the big day and after.  This is partially down to the fact that I am always networking, and have great relationships with some of the best service providers in the industry.  

So what's the result of all of this?

Amazing photography for a start... A smooth 'Eye Jogia Experience' and a great new friendship!

I look forward to meeting you soon!






The Soul...

I love creativity, I love art, I love music, I love cars, I love Architecture, I love my wife Roshni and I absolutely love Photography!

Photography was a huge part of my upbringing and creative evolution from the tender age of eight when I 'borrowed' my dad's Canon AE-1 SLR camera along with the instruction book and I read it from cover to cover.  

I took this new-found fascination in 'all things photography' and began to experiment with my creativity to discover the limits of the camera. 

 I learned how this little box of tricks worked inside and out, so that I could understand how to make it work for me to create beautiful images the way I wanted them.  


You could say this is when Eye Jogia Photography was born.


I also realised another passion of mine when I qualified as an Architect.  To me this confirmed an innate ability and passion for aesthetics and an uncommon capacity for observation, anticipation and pre-visualisation of moments whilst events unfold in front of me.  

My architectural ability and experience allows me to see things differently with the instinct to create balanced images so that it looks 'just right'.

Photography lets me bring all of these passions together in one art form, but as a bonus I get to meet amazing new people all the time.  Not just new clients but new friends!



I hope you've enjoyed your stay so far!